Effective communication is the single most important factor  in determining the success of every business and every organization from the smallest businesses to the largest corporations.

Communication Architects' mission  is to help individuals and businesses to significantly and measurably improve their communication efficiency and effectiveness.

The ability to communicate efficiently and effectively  has, in many cases, become a nearly lost art.  The ubiquitous voice-mail maze often makes it difficult if not impossible to make timely contact with a competent human being in many businesses.  Outsourcing "customer service" to foreign destinations often goes to individuals who do not speak up and speak clearly in recognizable American-English.

The great white snowfall  is a plague in most communications, both voice, paper, and electronic.
Most meetings and most written communications are needlessly too long, cluttered, convoluted, poorly planned, poorly crafted, and poorly (or not at all) edited, and lacking in clear focus.  Add to that the ridiculously over-used practice of "send a copy to everyone" results in most people being innundated with an endless flood of pointless garbage.  For more than 40-years, Communication Architects has been "fixing" these problems with unconditionally guaranteed results.

Learn to listen better!  Communication is supposed to be a two-way process.  Regrettably, in most organizations, communication is 99.9% a downward flow with very little listening.  One proved effective tool to "fix" this problem is:  Actionline ... for top executives who care enough to listen better.

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