Why America needs a Balanced Budget Amendment       or  

Passing a Balanced Budget Amendment is  the only way  to put a stop to fat-cat politicians reckless, out-of-control, spending and further increasing America's national debt beyond the current $14-trillion -- which now equals more than $47,000 debt for every man, woman, and child in America.

There is  NO  reasonable argument against passing a Balanced Budget Amendment.  The only reason why some politicians do not want and do not support this proposed amendment is because they do not want a law to be passed that would stop them from increasing spending more and more and more.  There is absolutely no benefit  to anyone in allowing this to continue.

Those who advocate passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution of the United States are campaigning for this Amendment in order to put the force of law into controlling spending -- to require the federal government to limit spending to a fixed percentage of total federal income.

Those who oppose passing this Amendment are in opposition to it because they do not want any law to force them to control spending.  Instead they want to continually increase spending, increase the size of government, increase people's dependence on government handouts, increase the national debt, and increase taxes to pay for all the spending.

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It really is that simple.  Every voter needs to understand this and  vote out of office  EVERY  politician who opposes passing a Balanced Budget Amendment.

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