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Drug bust in Mexico finds $22,000,000,000 in cash.

Yes, that is $22 Billion ... with a "B"

This lavish villa is one of an estimated 27
hidden in the hills of Mexico that have been bought with drug money.

In addition to huge stores of cash, the compound held a collection of exotic animals and more guns than you could ever imagine.

Stacks of cash in every nook and cranny. One suitcase held an estimated one-half million dollars in $100 bills. 18 plastic bins filled with 100 dollar bills were crammed into cabinets stacked tight with cash. Stacks of 100's each holding $250,000 USD plus millions more in Columbian money, Mexican Pesos, and Chinese Yuan. A vast collection of guns included gold machine guns and pistols, most never fired.

The money and valuables found in this one house alone, would be enough to pay for health insurance for every man woman and child in the USA for 12 years.

Drugs generate so much money, it makes Arab oil sheiks look like welfare recipients. This money can buy politicians, cops, judges, whatever they need. This is why the drug problem is so difficult to fight.