How do you want to be remembered?

Your life story is worth preserving!

Everyone has a life story that should be preserved for one's children, family, and friends . . . and shared with others.

Your life experiences, the challenges that you faced, the lessons you learned, and the things that you experienced and accomplished, can be delightfully interesting . . . when properly presented.

Your life story should never be allowed to be lost to time and fading memories.

Don't you wish that you had a written record of the life story of your parents, grandparents, and distant ancestors?

A well written biography or memoir is the ideal way to permanently preserve the record of . . . a life well lived.

Your life story can be the most valuable treasure and most enduring gift that you can ever give to your family, friends, and descendants.

Do not allow your life story
to be lost forever.

Please allow me to help.

Have you ever thought about writing the story of your life . . . but you just didn't know how to put it all together?

You undoubtedly have had a lot of great life experiences; but it is often difficult for most people to put even their most interesting life experiences into a well-crafted written form.

Let me help you do that. I can help you bring your story to life in a style of writing that will be memorable, polished, and will last forever.

Through the written word, you can pass on valuable advice and lessons learned in the most delightful way.

Your children will be thrilled and honored to receive a copy of your biography, and they will cherish it forever and enjoy sharing it and passing it on to their children.

Your life story can include family memories as well as personal and professional achievements.

I can help you capture your voice in written form and compose the life story that you know is in you with style and grace to cherish forever.

My dear old dad
was a great story teller.

For many years, I pleaded with him to write down some of the wonderful stories that he told about his life growing up in our small town in Nebraska and some of his most memorable experiences in his life.

For his 80th birthday, I gave him one of those hard cover books that had all blank pages in it and on page one, I wrote this:

Dear Dad ...

Please . . . PLEASE write your autobiography and also write down for us some of those marvelous stories that you have told us throughout your life.

I hope this little book will give you a convenient place to jot down some notes and recollections . . . especially to preserve some of your many amazing stories and anecdotes.

Your son Joe

Dad wrote 126 priceless pages for us. Can you imagine what a treasure that book is for all of our family today?

Thanks for the memories!